Breathing Life And Personality Into Your Pub With Engraved Slate House Signs

Engraved Slate House Signs

It’s no secret that the pub industry across the country is not having the easiest time of it at the moment. Numbers are down and finding ways of keeping regular trade, and enticing new passing trade have never been more important. Décor always plays a part in this and the engraved slate house signs that you use are no less important.

An individual’s impression of your public house starts long before they even set foot through the door. It begins with a combination of your reputation, and how easy it is to actually find you. You could be the best pub in the county, but if no one can get to you, or find you, then trade is going to be difficult to come by. Having a range of personalised slate signs leading up to your pub gives potential customers the best chance of ending up at your front door. Large engraved outdoor signs on posts can be positioned alongside the main road leading to your establishment. Positioning one at a turn or a junction ensures that people take the right turn towards you. If you have a long driveway or separate car parking area, then further signs here are also a good idea, and don’t forget to guide customers from the carpark to the front door with house signs UK designed and produced. If they have had an easier journey, or the taxi was able to find you first time, then your customers are going to be in a better mood and better placed to spend money with you. Now you have the customer at the front door you really must throw everything at the wow factor. Simple things like freshly painted signs, clean windows that are free from cracks and boards, all help get people over the threshold.

Once through the door, the first thing that hits most people is the smell. Last night’s stale beer and the toilets make people turn away quickly. Fresh beer, coffee, food and general cleanliness are the smells you need to keep them coming further in. A clean, non-stick bar, and ideally non-sticky carpets are bonuses as are tables that don’t wobble. The interior of your pub can also benefit from clear signage that is in keeping with the theme or age of the pub. Use a slate house sign to clearly mark different areas of the pub or bar. The snug, main bar, restaurant area, or family friendly area can all be signposted with engraved slate house signs. The toilets, garden access and smoking areas can also be well signed with slate. One of the reasons to go down the slate engraved signs indoor route is because it is hardwearing and once installed will stand the test of time, offering you good value for money, something every landlord is looking for.

The hints and tips in this post may seem obvious as you read them, but if you check them against your growing maintenance list you will see that they are also the areas that are easily forgotten while you are busy trying to make ends meet. Taking the time to step back and look at your business through the eyes of a customer is important and can show you the need to get the basics right and to invest in good signage such as engraved slate house signs.

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