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A little information about our house signs for you!

Discover the Importance of House Sign Information.

Popular House Sign Fonts

We list below a selection of the most popular fonts. We have access to a great variety of fonts and should you want to see artwork examples in a font we have not listed , please email us.

Popular fonts

House Sign Of The Week

This weeks featured sign is a 400mm x 200mm deep engraved Slate house sign. This sign was a joy to do and was personalised by the customer to suit their needs. We have many different fonts here at County House Sings but one of the more exotic is 'Lucinda Calligraphy' and this is what the customer chose. The font gives a rather classy feel and combined with the gold colour of the engraving contributed to a stunning looking slate sign . The final touch was to add one our a boarders. The Boarder gives a great slick look to the sign making it the perfect adding to any house. 

House sign-corian-400mm x 200mm deep-engraved-personalised-includes delivery and artwork - COUNTY HOUSE SIGNS

Personalised Slate House Signs

Personalised Slate Signs

Personalised Slate Signs For Modern Buildings

Personalised slate signs are not just for stately mansions, manor houses and country cottages. Whether you live in a modern apartment building, a post-modern council estate or a state of the art housing development, slate house signs can make all the difference to the look of your property. Whether you want your property to stand out in a row of uniformity, or you just want to go one better than the neighbours, a slate sign for the front of your home will meet all your needs. If you are still unsure of how this is achievable, then read on and find out more.

Slate House Signs For The Modern Minimalist

There is no one specific style of housing taking precedence over any other in the modern world of architecture. However, if you look closely at modern builds, there are several themes that run through many of the buildings. Firstly, they are increasingly environmentally aware. The materials used are carefully sourced, natural and renewable where possible. Secondly, there is an emphasis on creating the best use of the space that is available. This often means building up rather than out, and reducing the footprint of the building. In larger developments and apartment blocks, there is also a uniformity of style; meaning that from the outside there is little to separate one home from another, and little in the way of personality about the buildings. However, this does not need to be a negative – rather, a blank canvas on which you can paint your own individual picture. These three elements create the perfect environment for the use of custom slate signs. Adding an individually designed house number or name to the front of your building is an easy and effective way to stand out from the other buildings that surround you. It allows you to achieve personalisation without overwhelming the architect’s vision and without looking tacky. Personalised slate house sign is a world away from putting a plastic gnome in the front garden! In addition, you couldn’t ask for a more natural material to work with than either slate or granite. If you approach the right company, they will be able to design the perfect sign that suits the individual dimensions of your property, whether it is a penthouse apartment requiring a sign for the door, or a house looking for the perfect plaque for its garden wall.

Stand Out From The Crowd With Contemporary Slate House Signs

It’s not just modern aspects of architecture that can benefit from contemporary slate house signs either. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a home. A clear and stylish slate name plate could be just the thing your place of business needs to stand out from the crowd. Imagine how much more professional your building will look in your promotional materials with its name or address on an engraved address plaque. Alternatively, if your business is tucked away in a leafy street, a clearly engraved slate or granite sign on posts by the side of the road will make you much easier to find. If you own a holiday let or even a small holiday village, you could add that extra touch of class by using personalised slate signs around your holdings. These would clearly direct guests to where they need to be, whilst using materials that don’t look out of place and which will last for years to come. The benefits of these types of individualised address and house number plates don’t stop with businesses either. If you own your own chalet or caravan and want it to be easy to identify in the sea of other holiday homes, then small slate and granite plates are ideal for fixing to the wall of your home-from-home. And when you purchase from a company like County House Signs the fixtures are all included in the price.

Personalised Slate Signs That Are A Cut Over The Rest From County House Signs

Whether you are a home owner, business owner or holiday chalet owner, personalised slate signs for County House Signs should be high on your list of priorities for the year ahead. Our design team will work with you to create exactly the look and finish that you want, and all our artwork is included for free. If you don’t see a shape or size that suits you, then contact us on 01206 398184, or via and we will custom-cut a sign for you. All our slate house signs come with a full 12-month guarantee and are ready for you within ten working days of the art work being finalised. So what are you waiting for? Visit today.

Custom Engraved House Signs

Custom Engraved Signs

Custom Engraved Signs Can Have Hidden Fixings

Custom engraved signs are an excellent way of highlighting the name of your home or business. They can be purchased in various shapes and sizes and personalised with your own text. Some potential buyers, however, are put off by the blatant fixings on some signs that are displayed for all to see.

When you’re buying one of the many slate house signs on offer, you may not be concerned about the fixings being on display. Screws and holes may not appear to you out of place – after all, the sign must be affixed to the wall or post in one way or another. However, if it matters to you that the screws are visible, then you may be interested to learn that hidden fixings are available from certain reputable specialists in signage. These hidden fixings can make the most elegant engraved slate house signs seem even more refined. They can ensure that there is a clean and polished finish to your new slate sign that is not interrupted by any drilled holes. Don’t be concerned that hidden fixings make it difficult for you to successfully install your new slate sign. These fixings are just as easy to install as any other fixing and full instructions are usually included, explaining how to install the sign without causing any damaging. To ensure that your sign will be of a high quality and less likely to be damaged during the installation process, you should always purchase from a supplier with an excellent reputation.

When you’re searching for custom engraved signs, be sure to look at the selection offered by County House Signs. We’re proud of our selection of bespoke house and business signage and our hidden fixing options are especially popular. Learn more online at or by calling us on 01206 398184.

Slate House Signs

Slate House Sign

Slate House Sign – Perfect For Your Permanent Home

Slate house sign: such a sign on the front of your house can be all you need to declare to the world that you have found your permanent home. A small touch such as adding a personalised sign to your house shows that you care, and that you want people to know that the house is yours. High quality slate house signs will stand the test of time and become part of the character of your house over the years. Such signs also provide much needed information to anyone visiting or delivering to you, and that is just as important as adding personality.

For Long Lasting Appeal Use Slate House Signs

When you find the building that you want to turn into your permanent home, you want the fixtures and fittings that you purchase for it to last as well. This adds to your sense of permanence, confirms your choice and your ability to finally put down roots and stay in one place. The slate house sign or personalized slate signs on the front of your house is just one way in which you can tell the world about your decision. However, that will only hold true if you buy a high-quality sign made from the right materials. Choosing either granite or slate house signs and plaques is the best way forward, because you are guaranteed to have a material that will last. Furthermore, once engraved in the font of your choice, the details of your home will be visible to all for years to come. To achieve the best in quality, both in terms of materials and workmanship you need to use the best supplier of slate house number signs UK wide. Look for a supplier who understands the materials they are working with, and can explain their processes to you. They should be willing to explain the source of the granite or slate they use, how it is worked and how it is engraved. Also, look for a guarantee of the workmanship. If none is offered, this should raise concerns. A normal-length guarantee should be around 12 months.

Create Character With Slate House Name Signs

Once you have sourced a company in terms of quality, you need to consider how you are going to inject character into your sign. Firstly, consider the shape and size of the sign you want. Remember that slate house name signs that are too small will be hard to see and may look out of place on your wall. However, too big and it could be too imposing and reduce the impact of any other decorative features that are present at the front of your house. Next, consider the colour of the plaque or plate. Slate is available in a range of shades from the lightest of greys through to dark, almost black shades. Granite too, has its differences in appearance, with some plates being cut so that there are flecks of colour running through the black. The shape you choose will also influence the character of the sign. One of the things you need to consider in relation to the shape of your house plaque is whether you are going to have your house name or the written numbers placed on it, rather than just numerals. While a diamond-shape is great for numerals, it may not work as well for words or phrases. Here, a rectangular shape may be better suited to your needs. Other considerations include the type and size of font that you want and whether you have the deep engraving infilled with colour to add further emphasis. You can also choose whether to add a border and whether that should be plain or scalloped. With this many choices, it is important to choose granite and slate house signs suppliers wisely. One of the best companies, which delivers nationwide, is County House Signs.

Purchase Your Perfect Slate House Sign From County House Signs

At County House Signs, we only ever use the best quality granite and slate to produce your slate house sign. As part of our customer service, we provide all our artwork for free, and will always wait for your final approval before going ahead with the design. All signage can be delivered to anywhere in the UK within 10 working days from final approval; and what’s more, your order comes with all the fixtures required to place your sign and a full 12 months’ guarantee. If you would like to know more about us or see examples of our slate house signs, visit

Door Number Signs

Door Signs For House

Door Signs For House Options – Engraving Plus Infill

Door signs for house choices are numerous. Whether you’re looking for a slate house sign or one of the stone signs on the market, you’ll find there are plenty of manufacturers out there ready to snap up your money. One way you can tell the best is to learn a little about how they work.

Real craftsmen know that the work they put into designing and cutting stone or slate house signs is worth it. While other companies supply a range of basic signs in bulk to satisfy demand, specialist businesses manufacture to order. This means that they start off with a blank piece of slate to develop your sign with. The design you supply will include border, shape and size options. One of the most important aspects of your new slate sign is the font style and how you want this to appear in the sign. If you want a sign that exudes elegance and be visible from a distance, it’s likely you’ll opt for one of the more basic fonts. If you have a more playful personality, though, you may be interested in more novelty fonts. The beauty of modern house signs UK based is that, when made to order, they can meet most design requirements. Deep engraving is a skill that requires an expert’s hand. Similarly, knowing how much infill to paint into the letters comes with experience. This is another reason why buying a custom sign can be an altogether more positive experience than simply picking one from the shelf at the shopping centre.

On our County House Signs website at, you can learn more about our door signs for house options. We appreciate that every customer will have their own likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to fonts and infills. We endeavour to meet all their specifications. Call today on 01206 398184.

Custom Slate House Signs

Custom Slate Signs

Custom Slate Signs Should Include Infill Options

Custom slate signs are a demonstration of a house’s individuality. Particularly in areas where houses are built to uniform standards, a beautiful house sign can be an owner’s stamp of individuality and possession. The best custom signs on the market come with a variety of choices and options.

The basic choices you’ll have to make when selecting a house sign for the exterior of your home seem obvious. You’ll want to have control over what house number or name is engraved on the sign. You’ll also likely have ideas about what font style you want, the size of your new slate sign and its shape. One of the smaller decisions when it comes to personalised slate signs is the colour of the infill. The ability to choose your infill colour usually only occurs when you purchase slate house signs direct from specialist suppliers. Doing this will ensure you receive a wide variety of options in every area, including infills. Some bulk suppliers of signs will only offer one or two infill options, possibly white and gold. While these are popular because of their elegance and clarity, you might want something different from your new slate sign. Perhaps you have a certain colour scheme in mind that you want the sign to fit into, or there is a simply a colour that you like. Whatever it is, shopping for your slate sign via a specialist supplier will increase the number of infill options you have.

At County House Signs, our goal is to ensure that every customer is happy with the sign they receive. Our personalised granite and custom slate signs are fully customisable from the shape of the slate used, down to the infill colour. On our website at, you can learn more about us and our products. Alternatively, call 01206 398184.

Business Address Signs

Enhance Your Business Presence with Professional Signs and Displays.


House Address Signs For Small Businesses

House address signs aren’t only just for home owners. They can also be used to showcase business premises. This is particularly useful for small businesses who don’t operate out of traditional shops and premises. Slate house signs are clear and concise ways of showing where your business is located.

If you don’t operate out of a shop or some other highlighted premises, then demonstrating where your business is can be difficult. You may not have daily visitors to your premises, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to show where your business operates from. In these cases, slate or granite house signs UK options can be an elegant way of directing people to your business. They can be adapted to your business’s needs, including font styles and borders that match your business or house styles; ideal if you run your business from home. So, these signs can be engraved in ways that suit you and will serve as a long-lasting representation of your business. Slate and granite signs look excellent on the outside of any building, whether it’s a traditional Victorian building or a contemporary or modernist building. Businesses across the UK choose slate signage to display information as well as their name and address number. You have many customisable options for your business signage, including shape, size and the other options mentioned above. However, when you buy from a reputable supplier of slate or stone signs, you can be assured that your business will have the best representation a sign can offer.

For house address signs in the UK for businesses or home, look no further than County House Signs. We supply slate signs to addresses in the UK with free delivery available and artwork provided until you’re satisfied with the proof. You can find out more by calling 01206 398184 or visiting

Outdoor House Signs

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Eye-Catching and Memorable Signs.

Engraved Outdoor Signs

Engraved Outdoor Signs Should Catch The Eye

Engraved outdoor signs serve a variety of purposes. They can be used to highlight the name or number of a property, whether it’s a residential or business property, or they can also be used to display other important information. Whatever you’re using them for, signs are worth very little if they can’t be seen.

One of the main reasons why slate house signs are so popular is because they can be seen well from a distance when manufactured correctly. Slate is a hardwearing material, meaning that it won’t easily disintegrate for a long time. This ensures that your sign remains legible over time. In addition, if you buy engraved slate house signs from specialist manufacturers, you’ll be able to customise your new sign in a way that makes it more suited to your purpose. For example, you may need a large sign to be seen from the end of a long driveway. You may also want a block font rather than some of the more amusing fonts available. You might have specifications on the infill used, or you might even want your new house sign mounted on wooden posts. All these are options not easily available in garden centres or similar locations. Why settle for less than the ideal house sign for your property? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find your perfect signage solution at a cost-effective price. Considering how long slate house signs last for when manufactured correctly, an excellent sign could cost you comparatively little over the long term.

County House Signs know that engraved outdoor signs are meant to catch the eye. We’ve been making slate and granite signs for many years so, if you need advice, we’re always happy to help. You can call us direct on 01206 398184 or visit to see our signage solutions.