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Breathing Life And Personality Into Your Pub With Engraved Slate House Signs

Engraved Slate House Signs

It’s no secret that the pub industry across the country is not having the easiest time of it at the moment. Numbers are down and finding ways of keeping regular trade, and enticing new passing trade have never been more important. Décor always plays a part in this and the engraved slate house signs that you use are no less important. An individual’s impression of your public house starts long before they even set foot through the door. It begins with a combination of your reputation, and how easy it is to actually find you. You could be the best...

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Adding Personalised Slate Signs Once You Have Named Your House

Personalised Slate Signs

Naming buildings is a long held British tradition that was once the preserve of the landed gentry. Their manors, halls, lands and castles all had names. The smaller buildings on that land would then have names that tied them to the lord of that specific part of the land. Later, tradesmen and merchants decided to follow suit. If you want to join the club, is it as simple as just having personalised slate signs made? If you are lucky enough to live in a period property that already has a name, then all that is left for you to do...

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Tips For Profitable House Renovations And The Place Of Slate House Signs

Slate House Signs

There are numerous reasons why you might be looking to renovate your home, from it looking tired to wanting to get the best possible return on your initial investment. Whatever the reason, it is important to undertake the work properly and to use all the available support to get it right the first time. This involves everything from installing properly engraved slate house signs to using professional builders. One of the most important things to remember when looking to renovate your home is that the work isn’t going to decrease with time. Whether you are looking at a full renovation...

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Slate house signs can last forever…

Slate house signs can last forever… SLATE HOUSE SIGNS and granite signs are very hard wearing…however – if they break then you really need to replace your slate house signs. While granite work surfaces look really great in your kitchen and they are very hard wearing and both stain and heat resistant…they can be damaged by mechanical force. Hit the edge with a hammer or Heavy rolling pin and it could chip or crack the granite kitchen top. However  – all is not lost. With the proper care and attention the granite work surface can be repaired to the point...

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SLATE HOUSE SIGNS are important when upgrading a house

SLATE HOUSE SIGNS are important when upgrading a house SLATE HOUSE SIGNS are important when upgrading a house. But – as well as slate house signs so are other things – like bathrooms.When you are designing your new bathroom one should never forget to put some real thought into lighting. The correct lighting can seriously enhance any room and is perhaps even more important in a room such as a bathroom where there are multiple needs for the lighting. One needs bright lights for grooming, putting on makeup and so one, dimmer lighting when on is simply bathing and perhaps...

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