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Can’t live by Slate House Signs alone!

Can’t live by Slate House Signs alone! SLATE HOUSE SIGNS in this blog. Instead of slate house signs I decided to go on a bit of a rave – I have a feeling that I will; do this more often of late! Some of you out there will remember a time long, long ago…before e-commerce, before e-marketing and e-business. Even before mobile phones and the Internet. And, no, it actually wasn’t that long ago. I mean we are not talking Victorian times or even world war two. No – we’re talking the eighties. I worked night shift for a company that was...

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How to pick the most suitable sign for your home

How to pick the most suitable sign for your home The ability for others to clearly identify your home is paramount. How can the postman deliver your post when he can’t even find your house? How can service providers come and visit you to conduct necessary checks needed to ensure that your home is in order? Property identification is paramount in extreme rural areas of the UK. A clearly defined house name and number is essential. One of the most effective and clear ways to ensure that you’re property is appropriately identified is to place an address plaque or sign...

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Ideas and Inspiration for Outdoor Decor

Ideas and Inspiration for Outdoor Decor Making your house into a home is essential for all homeowners. This goes for both the outdoor space and the indoor space. Consider the impression that others have of you home as they approach. A manicured lawn, well-presented driveway and blooming flower arrangement makes a positive impression. Weeds and overgrowth, rubble strewn across the driveway and belongings scattered everywhere gives the impression that you’re not house-proud. Sometimes it’s the littlest touches that make all the difference. Some simple gardening, having a well-appointed sign proudly announcing your property to guests, illuminating lighting, pottery and maybe...

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Brazilian Slate

Slate house signs engraved in the English county of Kent on slate quarried in faraway Brazil. The craftsmen engraving the slate house signs often thought of the long journey from their country of origin to the studio in Kent. And they thought of the names they would engrave on the slate house signs before sending them off to their final destination. The names were of never failing interest to them. Some names conjuring up pictures of idyllic scenes, some so unusual that they wondered at the story behind them.   “Slate house signs”, thought Nuno Da Silva, his eyes squinting in...

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Samuels Slate House Sign

 Samuels Slate House Sign   I walked slowly along the row of cottages, examining the slate house signs, loving the descriptive names. I paused outside a particularly attractive cottage with a slate house sign portraying the name Samuels House. A name that had nothing at all to do with the sea or the surroundings. While I stood lost in thought as to who Samuel was, the door of the cottage opened and a very small, very old man greeted me with a friendly smile. “Can I help you young man?” he asked in a delightful Welsh accent that sounded as...

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