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The Eight Most Famous Signs in the World

The Eight Most Famous Signs in the World Icons of imagery and lettering stay with us. Instantly recognised, revered and perfectly identifying the location, signs can have a powerful affect on the way that we view the world around us. Here is a list of the top ten most recognised signs in the world. Welcome to Las Vegas Erected in 1959 and standing at a shade over seven and a half metres high, the welcome to Las Vegas sign is one of most iconic signs in the world. Fun Fact: there are several replicas of the sign erected closer to...

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Rustic Home Stone Signs

Rustic Home Stone Signs and why they’re so popular It’s every homeowners dream to have an attractive, well constructed home, which is aesthetically pleasing from all angles. Everyone wants to have a home that passersby look upon with envy. This can be achieved simply. More often than not it’s the small touches that make all the difference. A well-appointed rustic home sign anointed on your property can make all the difference. Commonplace home signage is designed from as part of a metal or wooden sign of contemporary design. These plaques may look professional and clean when new, however they do...

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Many uses for SLATE

Many uses for SLATE When the average person thinks about Slate they would probably think of it as being synonymous with slate roofing or maybe even paving. However, over time, slate has been used for a myriad of different things. Slate has been found to be an excellent electrical insulator as well as being fireproof. As a result of this it has been used for constructing early-20th century electric switchboards and relay controls for large electric motors. Because of its thermal stability and chemical inertness, slate has often been used for laboratory bench tops and for billiard table tops. Coincidently,...

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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Slate House Signs are very popular. And if you need any advice on Slate House Signs then you know where to go…yep – www.countyhousesigns.co.uk however – let’s take a closer look at underfloor heating (We don’t do it but we know a lot about it). The recent gain in popularity that underfloor heating is experiencing isn’t hard to figure out, especially when you think about the level of comfort that becomes apparent when using underfloor heating. The basic principle of underfloor heating is pretty straightforward and it, in fact, dates all the way back to Roman times, albeit in a...

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Buying on the Internet

Buying on the Internet Slate House signs are easily purchased on the internet via our website. However, the web is not only about Slate House Signs. Buying on the Internet has become one of our major ways of saving both time and money. And this is true no matter what we are looking to purchase, be it food and clothing or even big-ticket items such as cars or High Quality Furniture. In fact, the more expensive the item the more that we stand to save by using the Internet. Our major advantage when purchasing high quality furniture or similar on...

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