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The Ageless Classic of Wood and Slate

I love the natural beauty of Slate House Signs. I also love wood flooring; it’s warm in winter, feels cool in the summer. Like Slate House Signs – It’s so easy to keep clean with a simple brush and broom. If you spill anything on it there’s no problem, unlike carpets that send everyone scurrying around trying to get red wine stains out with soda water, or salt or even white wine! But hold on…don’t you pretty much get all of the same advantages with laminate flooring? It’s cool, warm, and easy to clean and it looks very similar to...

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Placed in a prominent position in front of your home, signs mounted on posts   will add enormous curb appeal and really can make a statement. They are very suited to countryside locations where they can be ‘planted’ on verges or at the start of long driveways, but also look well in business parks or indeed any location where clear visibility is a prerequisite. Pressure treatment is a process that forces preservatives into the wood. Wood is placed inside a closed cylinder and vacuum and pressure are applied to force the preservatives into the wood. The preservatives help protect the wood...

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