Slate House Signs-

Slate House Signs

Slate House Signs – What Are Slate House Signs?

Slate house signs can be the perfect way to add a little gravitas to your home. These traditional signs have been made for hundreds of years, and now using modern techniques they can be created and fixed to your home within days. They are hardwearing and can be designed to your own specifications, being available in different colours, sizes and fonts. Visitors will be able to pick out your house with ease as the number or name of your home will be clearly seen from the street. It is now easy to give your home that special finishing touch.

Searching For House Signs UK Wide

Choosing a sign can be overwhelming. Searching online for slate house signs UK wide suppliers, will give you a long list of companies, all vying for your money. Making some simple decisions, like which substance it will be made from, before you begin your search, can save confusion. Signs can be made from all kinds of resources, including wood, glass and aluminium, but if you’re looking for both longevity and gravitas, selecting slate or granite is the best option. Slate house sign material is found in quarries where it is struck out using specialist tools and then carved into the required size and shape for its intended purpose. Granite is very dense and is formed within the Earth’s crust, making it durable and strong; able to withstand the tests of time and weather changes. Both have become popular materials within the construction and decoration of buildings. Grey slate house signs are worked by highly skilled craftsmen to create the shape and design you want. Either material can add a touch a of class to any home and neither require very much in the way of upkeep. They are the perfect material for a sign on any home.

Slate House Sign Colours And Shades

Once you have selected your material, colour is the next consideration. Slate house signs can be found in varying shades of greys and black, and will look beautiful attached to any part of your property. Slate can be found that contains a marbling effect. This gives you a slate house sign that not only brings out the natural beauty of your property but will withstand any weather. Granite house signs are available in dark greys and black. Granite is often chosen for its durability and quality, and it can be found plain or flecked. With an added polish a master craftsperson can bring out the luxuriousness of this beautiful high-end material. It is not just the shade of the material that you need to consider, but also whether you have the deep engraving colour filled. This can add an extra touch of class as the letters and numbers of your slate house name sign are picked out in gold, silver, ivory, white or black. Boarders and edging can also be added in colour, along with specific motifs to add that extra personal touch. With signs in all colours and prices, you are sure to find the one to suit your home, your style and your budget.

Personalised Slate Signs For You

The lettering on your sign is the next thing to be considered. The font is extremely important and there are many available for you to choose from. Do you want something playful like ‘Comic Sans’, regal like ‘New Times Roman’, gothic like ‘Black Chancery’, or something plain and simple like ‘Arial’? If your house has a number, you can choose to display it simply as a numeral, for example 9, or as the word nine. The words can also be capitalised or you can have them just in lowercase. Think about the size of the sign and how much text it can accommodate. Also, consider how far away you want the sign to be visible from. The more complex the font, or the great the amount of writing, the closer people will need to be to see your personalised slate signs properly. How clearly your sign can be read will also be affected by the colour of the slate or granite, and the colour of the infill you have chosen, if any. White writing on a light grey tile doesn’t have the same impact as white writing on a black slate house signs. Select something to suit both your personality and your home, and you will have a unique sign that could last a lifetime.

Purchasing Your Engraved Slate House Signs

There are certainly a lot of different things to consider when you are choosing slate house signs. The material they are made from, the colour of that material, the wording and what font is used are important. Once you have chosen the design, as with most purchases, it comes down to the actual cost of your house sign. There is the temptation to purchase the cheapest outdoor engraved signs, to save your money, but this is not always the wisest decision. Cheap may work for now, but you may find that cheaper materials are used and that the workmanship is of a lesser standard, meaning you need to replace you sign much sooner, thus costing more in the long term. There are numerous companies that offer engraved slate house signs, so it is important to choose a company that offer value for money over both the short and the long term. One key element to always look for is a guarantee on the work of at least 12 months. That is exactly what you will find with family run companies like, County House Signs; a family run business based in Essex, with more than forty years’ experience designing, making and selling house signs.

Slate House Signs From County House Signs

County House Signs are one of the best companies in the UK for house signs. Our personalised service ensures that you receive a unique sign that you are proud to show to your guests. Our in-house designer works to provide you with a wide range of artworks depicting your sign, which you will receive free of charge, with no obligation to buy anything. All our slate house signs are highly customisable, with choices of colours, borders and motifs. With free delivery within the UK, County House Designs really are the perfect choice. If you’d like to have look at what we offer, go to our website or you can give us a call on 01206 398184 to discuss your options.