Fascia Boards

Fascia Boards – A Very Visible Part of your Roof-line

Slate House Signs are easy to install. In fact, we all know how to put up Slate House Signs but…what about new fascias? The fascia is the shielding board that covers the ends of the timber roof joists to prevent the ingress of rain or snow into the roof and wall cavity of your house. It is typically combined with soffits to shut off the opening between the felt, tiles and wall of the home.

Fascias frequently referred to as fascia boards, proffer an added level of protection to the structure of your roof space in addition to giving your roof a smart and integrated look that will seem its best in all weather circumstances.

So, to recap; fascia boards are the timbers which edge most roofs, they are permanently fixed to (and as a result typically hide) the protruding ends of the rafters that extend beyond the homes walls. (Rafters are the structural timbers that create the gradient of the roof)

Presuming that all of your fascias are decayed (or you are simply bored of them), there are several ways to approach the problem;

You can just clad them with PVCu. This is the cheapest way out. However, you have to keep in mind that the old fascia might be quite rotten and the new plastic will be fixed to it! So ensure that the boards are fixed through the old fascia into the rafter ends. You will need nails or screws that are at least 2” (50mm) long or they won’t do the job.

One can simply rip them all off and fit new PVCu ones.

You can strip them all off and put on new wooden ones

Remember that to do either of the last two one will need scaffolding. This is for the reason that the bottom course of your roofing tiles rests straight on top of the fascia board. When this is separated the tiles will all fall off! So all of these will have to be removed (as well as any hip tiles), prior to fascia replacement begins, then stacked up on the scaffolding and of course replaced on conclusion. Slates, on the other hand, will most likely stay in place. Though it can be a huge job forcing them back into the right location with the new fascia and attempting to fix it to the rafter ends at the same time.

But when all is said and done…it is a job worth doing well as it is a very visible part of your roof-line and makes a large difference to the overall look of your home.

And make sure that you have a great Slate House Signs so that people know where your house is.

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