Placed in a prominent position in front of your home, signs mounted on posts   will add enormous curb appeal and really can make a statement. They are very suited to countryside locations where they can be ‘planted’ on verges or at the start of long driveways, but also look well in business parks or indeed any location where clear visibility is a prerequisite.

Pressure treatment is a process that forces preservatives into the wood. Wood is placed inside a closed cylinder and vacuum and pressure are applied to force the preservatives into the wood. The preservatives help protect the wood from attack by termites, other insects, and fungal decay.

We offer pressure treated wooden posts in a range of colours and sizes. Our high visual, hand crafted, deep engraved signs stand out in the street- scene when mounted on posts and reflect an attractive image for your home.

They offer a great advantage in locations where houses might not be visible on approach or if there is no suitable space on the house to site a sign. Ground mounting posts of a suitable height with the sign attached enables the name of your house to be clearly visible and to stand out. They are a simple yet very effective solution for free standing signage.

This is a low price, long-life, robust solution for mounting signs. The contrast between wood and slate is very pleasing and there is a choice of closely matching the posts to the colour of the sign or of contrasting the colours of the sign and the posts.

Green painted posts above a green lawn, sometimes with green bushes in the background can give the impression that the sign is suspended in the air.

There is the option of mounting signs on both sides of the posts making the house name clearly visible from either approach.

Post mounted signs erected externally can be “planted” into soft or hard ground. Usually six inches of post is sunk into the ground giving firm support for the sign.

Free standing signs mounted on wooden posts are very suitable for designating parking areas in apartment blocks or giving directions outside shops, factories and schools. Labeling sports fields, herb gardens or orchards.

Our slate and granite signs mounted on pressure treated wooden posts will always maintain their attractive appearance and will certainly stand the test of time. The first choice for visibility and direction where there is no suitable wall or other means to mount the sign

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