How to pick the most suitable sign for your home

How to pick the most suitable sign for your home

The ability for others to clearly identify your home is paramount. How can the postman deliver your post when he can’t even find your house? How can service providers come and visit you to conduct necessary checks needed to ensure that your home is in order? Property identification is paramount in extreme rural areas of the UK. A clearly defined house name and number is essential.

One of the most effective and clear ways to ensure that you’re property is appropriately identified is to place an address plaque or sign in a good visual point on the exterior. This way you will inform visitors easily that they have arrived in the right place.

All homeowners should have such a sign or plaque. How to choose a sign or plaque that is best-suited to your property is a decision that needs to be given due consideration. By simply venturing online or to any retail outlet you will be treated to a wealth of styles, colours and materials to choose from. Just how do you pick one that’s befits your property perfectly?

Have a read below for tips on just how to choose the sign that is best suited to your individual needs. Of course there are a number of factors to consider, the first being where you intend to place the sign.

Should you need to place the sign in a position that’s exposed to the elements all year long then it’s imperative that you choose one made of a durable material. Remember that your sign will need to be clearly visible despite the howling wind, lashing rain, Jack Frost settling in the cold winter months, not to mention any snowstorms.

Popular materials include aluminium and vinyl. Both of these substances are very durable and will resist the onslaught of the winter elements effectively. Vinyl, however, needs to be treated to avoid discolouration. Copper and steel are highly favoured as they have highly resilient properties. For the more creative of you, stone or wood signage solutions have proven to have both longevity properties and creative flair that will attract the eyes of anyone looking for your property. Though, it should be noted, if left exposed wood signs will lose their clarity over time.

Once you’ve decided on the material the next factor to consider is the design. Do you opt for an engraved or embossed sign? This really depends on just how much time you wish to invest in upkeep. Embossed signs may fade in time, but in general this will only occur after a substantial amount of time. The final consideration is, of course, the cost. Signs for houses aren’t generally all that expensive but you may have a figure that you wish to spend in mind. Any additional lighting will come at a price, as will any other add-ons.

So, there you have it, and remember to pick a style, design and material that you like – it’s you that has to live with it after all.


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