Ideas and Inspiration for Outdoor Decor

Ideas and Inspiration for Outdoor Decor

Making your house into a home is essential for all homeowners. This goes for both the outdoor space and the indoor space. Consider the impression that others have of you home as they approach. A manicured lawn, well-presented driveway and blooming flower arrangement makes a positive impression. Weeds and overgrowth, rubble strewn across the driveway and belongings scattered everywhere gives the impression that you’re not house-proud.

Sometimes it’s the littlest touches that make all the difference. Some simple gardening, having a well-appointed sign proudly announcing your property to guests, illuminating lighting, pottery and maybe a sitting area can make all the difference. Indeed, turning a barren, untidy or scattered landscape into one that you’d find in the pages of Home and Garden can be achieved in a few easy steps.

Take a photo of your home

A sound piece of advice is to take a picture of the exterior of your home. This allows you to look at the space objectively. The focal point of most homes is the front door. Is this the case with your property? If not, and your door merely blends into a crowded environment the some steps will be needed to tackle this issue. The front door directs visitors to your home. Make sure that this is achieved. Why not flank the door with some decorative pottery, making sure that the designs don’t obscure the entranceway, of course.

Examine the front garden with a fine toothcomb

One of the principal ways to enhance your home is to carefully landscape the garden. Choose any plants and flowers with care, making sure that they compliment the environment. By adding different textures, heights and colours you will achieve a most welcoming of environments. Make a statement, and take the opportunity to landscape the garden in a way that directs guests to your front door.




Have a small space for guests

Many of us love to entertain. When the weather is fine throughout the spring and summer months take the opportunity to host an outdoor soiree. Place a small outdoor table, complete with chairs. Serve canapés and beverages in the summer sun and enjoy some time with friends.

Add some character with a well-appointed outdoor sign

As with anything else it’s the little things that make all the difference. Having a decorative, well-appointed sign with your house number and / or name is the finishing touch to your welcoming home environment.

An exterior home environment straight from the pages of a home and garden magazine could be yours. With a little care and attention you could transform tidy, cluttered and neglected exterior environments to one that you can’t help but show off to friends and family – and increase the re-sale value of your home!

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