Slate house signs can last forever…

Slate house signs can last forever…

SLATE HOUSE SIGNS and granite signs are very hard wearing…however – if they break then you really need to replace your slate house signs.

While granite work surfaces look really great in your kitchen and they are very hard wearing and both stain and heat resistant…they can be damaged by mechanical force. Hit the edge with a hammer or Heavy rolling pin and it could chip or crack the granite kitchen top.

However  – all is not lost. With the proper care and attention the granite work surface can be repaired to the point where the repair is virtually undetectable.

Firstly; if we are talking a minor chip or crack then it is quite acceptable to do it yourself. You can get a variety of epoxy based granite repair kits either from a DIY superstore or, preferably, from your granite supplier. Usually these are clear epoxy kits so that the end result will not clash with the colors of the existing granite. However, if the chip is larger then the clear repair will defiantly stand out.

So – begin by thoroughly cleaning the damaged area with a sponge and soapy water (use standard dish cleaner as we are looking to get rid of all basic kitchen grease here). Dry the area of using kitchen towel. Make sure that it is totally dry. I would even wait half and hour or so to be sure. Next, tape off any areas that may be damaged by excess epoxy, such as the tops edges of the cupboard doors, power outlets, fittings etc. Put on gloves and mix up the epoxy according to instructions. Then I use a tongue depressor to smooth it on. I find that it is just about the perfect size and flexibility…plus you don’t need to clean it, simply throw it away. Wait for the epoxy to cure…but – before it is completely hard (normally around 30 minutes or so) use a sharp razor to carefully trim off any excess. After 24 hours when the mix has cured completely, give it a rub down with water paper until the finish is as smooth as the original granite work surface. Finally; seal the repair as you would the original granite and you have an invisible repair.

If the repair is larger or if the granite work surface has actually broken through then you would need to call the professionals. Strangely enough, scratched are also very hard to DIY out as specialist equipment is needed.

Scratches take place when an object or a sharp tool drags or rubs repetitively across the stone or counter top. All stone scratches come out white, making it more conspicuous on darker stones. Granite is composed of harder minerals and does not scratch as easy as marbles. Removing scratches from marbles and granites requires refinishing with course abrasives.

Cracks or broken edges can take place for lots of reasons. The technique for repairing a cracked or broken edge varies according to the circumstances. Usually, the crack needs filling with an adhesive that matches the color and grain of the stone. Then the spot might need refinishing to blend in the appearance. Occasionally the slab or tile is moving and needs added repairs at the sub-top under the stone. This is very complicated yet extremely effective and unquestionably requires an experienced and skilled stone repair expert.

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