The Eight Most Famous Signs in the World

The Eight Most Famous Signs in the World

Icons of imagery and lettering stay with us. Instantly recognised, revered and perfectly identifying the location, signs can have a powerful affect on the way that we view the world around us. Here is a list of the top ten most recognised signs in the world.

Welcome to Las Vegas

Erected in 1959 and standing at a shade over seven and a half metres high, the welcome to Las Vegas sign is one of most iconic signs in the world.

Fun Fact: there are several replicas of the sign erected closer to the Las Vegas strip. These are purely for the benefit of tourists.

The United Nations

The United Nations flags located in New York City were first erected in 1947 and today are one of the most recognisable identifiable signs in the world. The flags can be seen throughout the entire world however they are most prominently displayed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City.


The street signs of New York City are easiest some of the most famous signs in the world. The Broadway street sign dates back to 1642 and is displayed prominently in popular culture. The heart of Manhattan, the Broadway street sign stretches for twenty four kilometres through The Bronx and on to Westchester County.

Beverley Hills

In 1911 saw the first sight of the now famous Beverley Hills sign. Located upon entrance to Beverley Garden Park in Beverley Hills, the sign is a re-creation of the originally-built sign in Beverley Hills.

Nullarbor Plain

The exact date this sign was erected and its sign are unknown, however what is known is that the Nullarbor Plain sign is considered to be the mark of a true outback experience and has many tourists flocking for a glimpse each year.

The Moulin Rouge Windmill

Located in Paris, the Windmill sign has been popularised by popular culture. The rich bohemian history of the Moulin Rouge is well known, however there are few more grand entrances than the Moulin Rouge red windmill. Considered to be the birthplace of the can-can dance, the Moulin Rouge entertained such notable historical figures as King Edward VII, when he was the Prince of Wales in 1890.

London Underground

The London Underground signs are synonymous with our nation’s capital. Dotted throughout the city, these signs were first erected in 1908. Tourists can actually buy these red and blue station signs directly from the Transport for London online shop. There are a number of different station names available and two distinct sizes with prices starting from as little as £645.

The Hollywood Sign

Perhaps the most universally recognised sign is the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. Standing fourteen metres tall and one hundred and ten metres long the sign was first built in 1923 and was intended as an advertisement for a housing development.


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