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Custom Engraved Signs

Custom Engraved Signs Can Have Hidden Fixings

Custom engraved signs are an excellent way of highlighting the name of your home or business. They can be purchased in various shapes and sizes and personalised with your own text. Some potential buyers, however, are put off by the blatant fixings on some signs that are displayed for all to see.

When you’re buying one of the many slate house signs on offer, you may not be concerned about the fixings being on display. Screws and holes may not appear to you out of place – after all, the sign must be affixed to the wall or post in one way or another. However, if it matters to you that the screws are visible, then you may be interested to learn that hidden fixings are available from certain reputable specialists in signage. These hidden fixings can make the most elegant engraved slate house signs seem even more refined. They can ensure that there is a clean and polished finish to your new slate sign that is not interrupted by any drilled holes. Don’t be concerned that hidden fixings make it difficult for you to successfully install your new slate sign. These fixings are just as easy to install as any other fixing and full instructions are usually included, explaining how to install the sign without causing any damaging. To ensure that your sign will be of a high quality and less likely to be damaged during the installation process, you should always purchase from a supplier with an excellent reputation.

When you’re searching for custom engraved signs, be sure to look at the selection offered by County House Signs. We’re proud of our selection of bespoke house and business signage and our hidden fixing options are especially popular. Learn more online at https://www.countyhousesigns.co.uk or by calling us on 01206 398184.