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Engraved Slate Signs

Engraved Slate Signs – Considering Different Shapes

Engraved slate signs come in all shapes and sizes. The particular sign you choose will depend entirely on your own specific requirements and tastes. However, you should be aware that the signs you see stocked on garden centre shelves aren’t the only signs available. You needn’t settle for off the shelf.

There a few sign shapes that remain universally popular. Whether you’re searching for slate house signs or business signs, you’ll find that rectangular signs are one of the most popular shapes available. This is because they allow more text to be printed on them than other shapes, ensuring that the slate sign can convey all the information you need your sign to. So, if you have a house name that is beyond the length of a square sign then a rectangular sign could be the answer to your problem. One of the other most popular shapes of engraved slate house signs is, indeed, square. The beauty of square signs is that they look elegant and are perfect for display house numbers or short house names of no more than a word or two. Another popular option for slate signs is the shape of a diamond. These add a little flair to a plain number sign, allowing individuality shine through. Whichever shape you decide on, this is only the start of the decisions you can make about your new slate sign. For example, you can select a size that’s ideal for you and then a font that suits both your personality and your home.

County House Signs have been providing engraved slate signs across the UK and beyond for many years. To have complete control over your bespoke sign from enquiry to artwork approval, get in touch with us today. We’re available by phone on 01206 398184 or online at https://www.countyhousesigns.co.uk. Take a look at our website today.