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House Signs On Posts

House Signs On Posts To Display Information

House signs on posts are an excellent way for a homeowner or business owner to display information about the property. It’s an excellent way of highlighting your name, especially if your property is situated at the end of a long driveway or in gardens. For these purposes, wooden posts can be useful.

Not only are slate house signs available for homes, they are also popular for businesses and public buildings. Wooden posts allow you to highlight the name or number of your building from a distance. It also means you’re able to stack one or more signs together, affixed to the wooden posts to ensure that multiple messages can be conveyed. These signs, whether they’re slate or granite signs, should be engraved by professionals for the best effects. Unlike printing of numbers, house signs UK wide that are engraved will last longer, bringing them into line with the durable slate or granite sign as a whole. When you’re looking for wooden posts to attach your plaque to it is best to find a sign supplier who will provide the posts along with the plaque. This means that attaching the sign to the post will be easier as the drilling, screws and holes on the posts are all lined up correctly and efficiently. By buying from a dedicated supplier, there shouldn’t be any problem affixing your sign or signs to your posts and you should be assured that the wooden posts are of as high a quality as the sign itself.

County House Signs supply the wooden posts along with our slate and granite signs. Our house signs on posts are designed with our customer’s specifications in mind. So, if you’re looking for a new slate house sign, visit our website at https://www.countyhousesigns.co.uk to see our range or call 01206 398184 today.