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Outdoor Engraved Signs

Outdoor Engraved Signs – How Are They Made?

Outdoor engraved signs are the best way to highlight the name or number of a property. However, you may wonder how a piece of natural slate becomes one of the perfect slate house signs you see adorning the walls of your street. Slate is an excellent material to use when you’re an expert with it.

When you purchase one of the engraved slate house signs available on the market, you’ll be receiving a quality slate sign designed and manufactured to last for a long time. To achieve this the slate must be cut properly, ensuring that it has a flat back to guarantee easy fixing. The cutting part of proceedings is where most problems occur with slate. Cutting and trimming involve precision work and only the best suppliers have the patience to guarantee that every piece of slate they work with will end up looking like the perfect house sign. Another critical stage is when the holes are drilled for either screws or hidden fixings. Again, this is an important reason why you purchase your slate signs from a professional. It’s very easy for an amateur or an inferior craftsman to damage the slate at this point. While the damage may not be easily discernible, it can impact the durability of the slate and limit its lifespan. The next aspect of slate sign making involves marking out the design and engraving it. If this is done shoddily, it can ruin the entire sign. Slate is a beautiful material to use as a house sign, but it’s important that it’s treated properly.

At County House Signs, we know the importance of treating every piece of slate as a unique piece. Our specialists have been working with slate for many years and know exactly how to cut and engrave it effectively. Visit our website at https://www.countyhousesigns.co.uk to see our range of outdoor engraved signs or call 01206 398184.