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Outdoor House Numbers

Outdoor House Numbers To Complement Your Garden

Outdoor house numbers are a small but vital part of the exterior of your home. They can work in conjunction with a colour or garden scheme that demonstrates the individual personality of your home. In this sense, you should think of the other aspects of your property before purchasing a sign.

Whether you’re thinking of slate house signs or granite signs, you’ll need to think of the wider picture. This can be how the house number will look attached to your wall. With the variety of building materials in a modern property, it’s not guaranteed than, for example, a black slate sign will fit every home. So, one of the first considerations is in relation to how the material of the sign will look on your home. However, beyond this, you may want to consider how the sign will feature in your garden. Many households already have a set garden pattern. For instance, if you already have a lot of stone features around your yard, perhaps with fountains or walls, a granite sign may be your preference to fit alongside this. Alternatively, if you have a minimalist garden, elegant slate might be more appropriate. These decisions are more important when the sign will nestle amongst your garden, perhaps at the end of the driveway or on wooden posts. In these circumstances, it needs to stand out but still fit in with the overall effect of the garden. This can be achieved by melding an elegant sign with eye catching fonts or infills.

House signs UK wide are supplied by County House Signs. Our outdoor house numbers can be seen across the country and we have had innumerable satisfied customers in our history. To find the perfect house number to fit into your garden environment, visit https://www.countyhousesigns.co.uk or call 01206 398184 to learn more.