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Outdoor House Plaques

Outdoor House Plaques – Make Quality In Your Life Easier

Outdoor house plaques are seen on most houses in the UK in one form or another. Quite often, a plaque stays in place for many years, until it breaks or until someone decides they want a fresh one. When this happens, it’s logical they’ll want to replace it with the least difficulty.

Not all of us are DIY experts. In fact, something as simple as installing slate house signs can be a taxing issue. You may be concerned about damaging the slate during installation or installing the sign in such a way that the slate is damaged over time. It’s true that the majority of manufacturers will guarantee a refund if the sign is not delivered in perfect condition, but that’s where their responsibility ends. So, it’s not surprising that many homeowners will look for the simplest installation options available. One thing you should be looking for straight away is a sign with pre-drilled holes or hidden fixings. If the sign doesn’t have hidden fixings but doesn’t seem to have drilled holes either, then you’ll have to drill into the slate yourself. This is dangerous, and risks resulting in damage to the material for those unused to working with it. That’s why it’s always preferable to have pre-drilled holes in slate. Another option that should also be easy to install are signs with hidden fixings. House signs UK wide have been developed to hide the fixings. This is useful for those who think that screws negatively impact the visual effect of the sign.

Outdoor house plaques with pre-drilled holes or hidden fixings are available direct from County House Signs. We know that some of our customers are unsure about installing signs so we’ve made the process as simple as possible. Visit our website to learn more at https://www.countyhousesigns.co.uk or call 01206 398184.