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Outdoor House Signs

Outdoor House Signs – Why Online Design Options Can Go Wrong

Outdoor house signs have been supplied on the internet for many years. While there have been success stories, it’s true that some customers can become frustrated with the mechanical process and the final product they receive at the end of it. Online design systems don’t always work for the customer.

An online design system in this sense is essentially when you can see in real time the sign you’re requesting to be made. It is designed using computer software, rather than a human designer, hence why it is achievable in real time. Many customers like this idea in theory as it gives them a chance to see their design straight away. However, a major flaw in this is that the resulting stone or slate house signs don’t always appear as you expect them to. This can be for several reasons, but a primary reason is that only those who work with stone or slate daily are aware of what it can achieve. Professionals in cutting and engraving know what type of designs work and can advise accordingly. The problem with online designer house signs UK wide is that the professional designer is often removed and, sometimes, they are necessary. That’s why it’s better to trust to a company who provides artwork but not in real time. This allows a competent cutter and designer to look at your specifications and to produce a proof of something that matches up and will look good. In this way, you’ll find that the product you receive in the final stage matches up to your expectations and isn’t a disappointment.

County House Signs supply artwork via email until you’re happy with the proof of your sign. Until then, we don’t touch the slate, nor do we charge for the artwork. For outdoor house signs, you can email us direct via our website at https://www.countyhousesigns.co.uk. Alternatively, call 01206 398184 for further information.