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Slate House Sign UK

Slate House Sign UK Wide Options – How Can You Personalise Your New Sign?

Slate house sign UK wide choices can include a variety of personalisation options if you purchase from the right supplier. Homeowners enjoy using slate on their house signs, primarily because of its distinctive look and durability. However, it’s also true that it can be customised to suit you and your home.

Slate house signs can come in a variety of shades. When you’re browsing in a garden centre, you’re probably unable to appreciate the different options available as they will only offer a limited number. By looking at online suppliers, you can get a full picture of the different slate shades your new slate house sign could be made from. As well as shade considerations, there are also questions of shape. Some homeowners like the traditional square and rectangular house signs, but there are also other shaped number plaque options. Then you have a choice about the font you’re going to use on your sign. This is pivotal. As well as being a very visible sign, able to be distinguished at a distance, you also want a font that best suits the exterior décor of your property and your individuality. This can be one area where buying off the shelf definitely proves inferior, as you simply won’t get a good choice of fonts. There are also considerations about colours to infill the engraving, whether you want a plan or scalloped border around the numbering and whether you need wooden posts too. Only by shopping with an experienced slate retailer will all your personal specifications be met.

County House Signs are experts in personalised slate house signs. We understand that all clients are different so we’ve created a catalogue that showcases the best of customisable slate choices. To find your perfect slate house sign UK wide, visit https://www.countyhousesigns.co.uk to see your options or call 01206 398184.