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Slate House Signs And Plaques

Slate House Signs And Plaques With Wooden Posts Available

Slate house signs and plaques are used for a variety of residential and commercial properties in the UK. There is also an important market worldwide for slate signs that are mounted on wooden posts. These are very useful for various reasons, although finding one that suits your needs can be difficult if you don’t know where to start.

There are all sorts of reasons why you may want a slate sign on wooden posts. They’re perfect for both residential and commercial usage. For instance, if you have a long driveway at home, you may want to display a slate house sign at the far end of the drive to highlight your house number or name easily. If you don’t have an appropriate wall to secure the sign to then wooden posts are the ideal way forward. Similarly, for commercial properties, you may want an authoritative sign showcasing your premises. A slate sign on the exterior wall is a good start but it may not be enough, especially if you operate out of a large property. So, choose slate signs that are easy to connect with posts is a must. However, this is where you may run into difficulty as many suppliers simply don’t concern themselves with what you secure their signs with. As such, you may find that it’s tricky to attach your new sign to a set of wooden posts. One way around this is to find a supplier who also manufactures the required wooden posts. In that scenario, you’ll ensure that you’re getting a comprehensive service and everything will fit together as it should.

County House Signs not only specialise in slate house signs for residential and commercial properties, we also supply excellent wooden posts to our customers. For slate house signs and plaques, look no further than County House Signs. You can visit https://www.countyhousesigns.co.uk or call 01206 398184 to learn more.